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What Upholstery Can Do to a Hotel

Upholstered furniture can be found in various places. Establishments such as hotels, cinemas or theaters, offices in high rise buildings, churches, shopping malls, condominiums, and many other places have furniture’s upholstered in different types and manner. Furniture can be purchased either by wholesale or made to order and when the latter is the preference, the upholsterer needs to be knowledgeable to show his craftsmanship. In a manufacturing business of furniture, usually the carpentry is separated from upholstery shop unlike other businesses the upholsterer needs to know both.

Due to the scarcity of skilled workers in the Gulf Region most hotels hired upholsterer from outside the country. If the person will come from the neighboring countries it will take a week more or less to have them available but if the hiring will come from Asia then the hiring period will take month/s. So hotel management had to make sure that upholsterer is one of the positions available in the hotel organization.

The basic qualifications of an upholsterer will be:

1. He should have the knowledge and skills to perform carpentry, stitching and other related tasks.
2. Knows the tools and equipments needed to do his job.
3. Does accurate measurement of furniture that needs upholstery and be able to calculate the quantity of materials required without wastage.
4. Should have the artistic sense of designs and color in choosing the material.
5. Assists the carpet/ wallpaper man in fixing of carpet and wallpaper.
6. Assists the tailor in the linen and uniform room.
6. He should be flexible in his job assignment when instructed.

When a hotel had been operating for more than hotel linens wholesale five to ten years, there is a possibility that an upholsterer will be urgently required to repair the wear and tear of the furniture. A sofa or a chair can be defective for various reasons. It usually happens that the joint stitches need re-stitching and or the frame is broken. With this kind of deficiency, the Upholsterer needs to be able to re-stitch, fix the frame and put them all back together. In case that the frame is made of steel, he should be able to go to the welding shop to have it welded. This is just one example of him being able to perform the different aspects of his job.

A person can have all the knowledge and skills to do his job but without the tools and equipment it will be futile. The basic tools and equipment an upholsterer has are the compressor, heavy duty stapler for upholstery, heavy duty staple wire, sewing machine, tape measures, measuring stick, different kinds and colors of upholstery thread, cutter, different types of nail studs, glue, glue sticks, hammer, different sizes of nails, bias tape, different types and thickness of sponges, strong lining materials like sacks and other items that he finds necessary as he executes his assignment.